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March - June 2010
Born To Be Wild 3D (IMAX)
D.O.P. David Douglas Borneo, Indonesia
Warner Brothers Production, Diane Roberts, Mia Collis
Kenya, Africa


Reaching new heights with big cameras is easy with all the large heavy cranes available on the market today. However, being able to capture dramatic footage in numerous, diverse and remote locations with this equipment can be a challenge.

From the desire to overcome this challenge of transporting around the world and into remote areas, a crane that can support a large camera, SkyJib was born. With over 15 years of experience in the film industry and a vast knowledge of engineering, this state of the art ,15-ft.6-inch.jib arm crane is designed to fulfill the requirements and specifications of the film and video industries.

Hand-crafted of Aluminium 6061 T-6 Aircraft and CNC machined. The SkyJib is light weight yet will support cameras and heads up to 250 Lbs. /110 Kg. It breaks down into 3 all-weather proof cases and can easily hand-carried, adding a new dimension to the concept of extra light weight camera support. Fast and easy to assemble, the SkyJib employs standard features so that it can be mounted on to any Mitchell adaptor and any regular dolly used in the industry. Every nut and bolt can be found locally, thus avoiding replacement problems if one is lost! And to ensure no nasty reflections, the SkyJib is anodized in black.

This ultra portable crane is especially practical for those remote locations and hard to reach areas, making it a key element of production.

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